Mobile Management App for eCommerce


The Duda eCommerce Store supports using a mobile app for both iOS and Android which allows you to instantly manage your store wherever you are using your mobile phone, get notified about new orders with push notifications and share your products on Instagram and Facebook, or via text messaging and email.


Installing with a text message

  1. Go to your eCommerce store control panel. Navigate to the promotions tab and select Mobile.
  2. Click "Get the App".

  3. Input phone number into mobile commerce control panel.

  4. Receive a text message, click a link to the app store (Google Play, or App Store).
  5. Click download/install from the app store.
  6. Open the “My e-Shop” app that was just installed. App is synced/authenticated with your store automatically.

Download QR code

  1. Search for “My e-Shop” in your app store (Android or iOS), and install the ShopApp app.
  2. Go to your eCommerce store control panel. Navigate to the promotions tab and select mobile.
  3. Click “Get the app”.

  4. Open the “My e-Shop” app on the phone, tap “Scan QR code and login” on the app.
  5. Scan the QR code on your screen with the app.
  6. After authentication, you are now logged into the eCommerce store.

Mobile App for iOS

Manage Inventory

  1. To open the catalog, tap the box icon.
  2. Choose a product you want to update.
  3. Tap the product price to open product controls.

    Here you can toggle product availability, change the price, set up sale price, manage the quantity of items in stock, set up the item weight and delete the product.

    Manage Orders

    1. To open the order list, tap the paper tray icon.
    2. Tap the order to see its details.
    3. To change the order status, tap the status (for ex. Awaiting Payment) and choose new status from the list. The status will be changed immediately.

Mobile App for Android

Manage Inventory

1. Swipe from the left to see the menu and choose “Products”.

2. You will see the list of products with their inventory and prices.

3. Tap on the product to see its details.

4. Tap on the value that you want to change to edit it.

5. Swipe from the bottom to the top to see the product description.

6. Tap again to see it with formatting and once again to enter the edit mode. Here you can change the text itself and also manage the formatting with the help of the toolbar on the top.


Manage Orders

1. Swipe from the left to right to open the menu and choose “Placed Orders”.

2. You will see the list of your orders.

3. You can sort them if needed.

4. Tap on the order to see its details.

5. Tap on the order status and choose new status from the popup menu.

6. The status will be changed immediately.

7. Go back to the orders list to see the changes there.


Priority Phone Support

English phone support is available 18 hours a day,
Monday through Friday, 3am to 9pm (EST).

United States +1 866-776-1550 3am to 9pm (Eastern)
United Kingdom +44 (0)800-011-9071 8am to 2am (London)
France +33 (0)9-75-18-84-74 9am to 3am (Paris)
Israel +972 (0)3-720-8922 10am to 4am (Jerusalem)
Australia +61 (0)2-8880-9166 7pm to 1pm (Sydney)
To schedule a call in French, Portuguese, Hebrew or Russian, please email us at

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