This article refers to a previous version of the Duda Responsive Website Builder. Click here for help content on the current Duda editor.


The design section controls the global design settings for your site.  Change your site's themecolor palette, text style, navigation style, button style, and background image or color.

NOTE: Whenever you make an individual edit to an individual element, it "breaks" that element away from the global design. This allows you more flexibility in how you style your elements. To fix an element, simply delete and recreate it, or use the "reset formatting" option (text elements only).

Changing your Theme

In the Design section, click "Back to Themes" to see a list of available themes inside your theme family.  Just click a theme to select it.  Click the Edit current Theme button to return to the Design menu.

Not all themes provide the option of having template family members. New style templates are stand-alone templates that do not have family members that you can switch over to. 

Color Palette

Select one of the available color palettes.  Click the Customize button to edit individual colors inside a palette.  Click here for more details on customizing your color palette.

Text Style

Click the Customize Text Style button to adjust text, link, header, and button styles. Click here for details.


Choose the navigation style for desktop, tablet and mobile versions.  Click on Customize Navigation to change background or text color, the number of visible navigation items, and the animated navigation setting.

There are different navigation styles available for tablet and mobile.  Just click one to select it, or click customize for more detailed customization options.

Click here for more information about this.


Select the button shape you would like to use.  Click Customize for more detailed customization options including button default color, background image, border, shadow, corner rounding, and general text style options. Click here for more information on how to use the button you designed.

Background Image & Color

You can select the background color or image to appear on all devices, or customize the background for tablet and mobile.  Click here for more on customizing backgrounds.

Full Bleed Row

Turn on full bleed for your site! Full bleed will set it so that the rows will fill the site (no white space). To turn this on, simply toggle this option on. Please be advised that not all templates have the full bleed row as an option. 

Header Section

In the header section you can control everything about the header, from the alignment to the logo colors and background color.

You can also turn the header into a row, which will allow you to have more control over the header (such as putting elements in and adding rows to the header).

Design Options Summary

The design tab has the following options:

Themes Change your site's theme.
Color Palette Set your site's color palette.
Text Style Set your site's text style.
Navigation Set your site's navigation style for each device. Desktop view use Top navigation, tablet view offers Top and Push styles, and mobile view offers top, bottom, expandable, push, and list styles.
Buttons Set your site's button style.
Background Image & Color Set your site's background image and color for each device.
Full Bleed Row

Turn on full bleed for your site

Developer Mode Turn on developer mode in the top right corner
Header Section Control the look of your header. You can also turn the header into a row, which will allow you to add elements or rows/columns in your header.

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