This article refers to a previous version of the Duda Responsive Website Builder. Click here for help content on the current Duda editor.

What is the timeframe for launch?

DudaOne is available now!  Click here to get started building your responsive website for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

What is the pricing?

You can see our pricing information here.

What functionality will be available for partners?

DudaOne launched with full white label capability and is included in both our DudaPro partner program. Partners are able to display previews to customers or allow them to build a site themselves.  Click here for more information, or to speak with a partner manager.

What kind of templates does DudaOne offer?

DudaOne offers beautiful templates with many modern styles, including parallax. Our templates are business friendly and can be easily customized to fit your needs.  You can also import all the content from your existing site right into your DudaOne template!

Can I create and save a custom template?

Yes, click here for a tutorial on creating and saving a custom template.

Does DudaOne work with all sites?

DudaOne will work with most small business and personal websites. Shopping carts, user logins, and Flash or iframe elements will not be automatically imported. It still may be possible to add Flash elements to your desktop site, however, keep in mind those elements will not display on the tablet or mobile devices.

Are all sites compatible?

While DudaOne can pull content from most sites, there are some types of content that we can't import. Specifically, DudaOne is unable to import content that:

  • Is written in Flash, Java, or similar external applets
  • Changes after the site's pages are loaded (In particular content gated through AJAX, JavaScript, or jQuery)
  • Has protection mechanisms that prevent automated systems from accessing it

Does DudaOne support eCommerce?

DudaOne has a robust eCommerce system built-in!  See our eCommerce section for more information.  While DudaOne is not able to automatically import shopping carts as part of the content import, products can be imported via CSV.

What happens to my desktop site?

DudaOne reads your current site to find text, images, and colors to bring over to your new multi-screen website. No changes will be made to the existing site, so you can try DudaOne risk-free. When you're ready to go live with your new site, you'll connect your domain name to DudaOne and your new site will be live! Your site is entirely hosted with DudaOne, so there's no need to keep paying for that old hosting account.

Do I need to already have a site?

No. While having an existing site allows you to import content from it to fill out your DudaOne site, DudaOne is also perfectly capable of building a site from scratch without any references.

Why do I need a DudaOne site?

DudaOne is a complete multi-screen solution which creates one website that works great on desktop, tablet, and mobile. These sites work together to provide your customers with a great user experience, regardless of the device they're on.

How is DudaOne best for business?

DudaOne provides businesses with a one-stop website solution that works on multiple screen sizes. There's no need to mess about with code (though you can if you want to), no need to build separate sites for separate phones. DudaOne provides the benefits of responsive design with the low cost of Duda products. Benefits of DudaOne Include:

  • Easy to use: DudaOne lets you change almost every aspect of your site with an easy to use the editor. Want to change some text? Click on it and start typing.
  • One site, all devices: DudaOne sites automatically fit and display mobile and tablet versions, so your customers can find your information no matter what device they're using.
  • Powerful options: DudaOne includes a full sprue of features, from click-to-call buttons to restaurant menus to mobile maps. Just drag them into your site where you want them to go and change them to look as you'd like.
  • Fast setup: Once you click publish, your site is live.
  • Integrated hosting: We take care of the hosting for you. All DudaOne subscriptions include the cost of hosting your site.

Is this only for business sites?

No. DudaOne was originally designed with small businesses in mind, but it's flexible and powerful enough to accommodate your needs whether you're looking to build a site for you, your family, your club, your street, your town, or any other purpose you'd like! Just keep in mind that some features (which you can read about here) don't work very well with DudaOne yet.

Are there limits to the number of sites and what I can host from my DudaOne account?

There is no hard limit on a number of sites you can build in DudaOne. There is also no limit to the bandwidth your site can receive. You can embed music and video on your website (e.g. YouTube videos), or upload the following file types:


Duda does not currently offer FTP access.

How does hosting work?

Your multi-screen website is hosted with DudaOne, and hosting is included in the price. Sites built with DudaOne must stay on DudaOne, and cannot be exported to a different hosting provider.

How do I set up my Domain in DudaOne?

Since DudaOne is a single website for all devices, there is no need to install a redirect script. There are two steps to point your domain to your new website.

1. Create a new CNAME record for 'www' (or any subdomain you choose)

2. Create a domain redirect for users who forget to type the www

Please visit our DudaOne Domains section for instructions specific to your domain registrar. DudaOne does not currently offer email service, so there is no need to change or modify your email or MX records.

Do I need a domain name? Does Duda sell domains?

Duda does not currently sell domain names. Your DudaOne site can use a custom subdomain of DudaOne.com, for example


If you'd like to use a different domain name, consider purchasing one from our list of compatible domain registrars.

Where can DudaOne pull content from - do I need to have a desktop site?

No website? No problem. You can import your business information from your Facebook page, or simply build a site from one of our pre-designed templates.

Do I need to pick a device?

No. DudaOne allows you to build one site that looks great on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. You can choose to hide content from certain devices, but your website will still work on multiple screen sizes.

Is there an API?

Yes, see our API section for more info.

Can I add banners to my site?

Yes, you can add AdSense and other 3rd party ads using our HTML feature.

What other services will be available?

DudaOne open to affiliates soon, and will include a premium Hire a Pro service.

Which browsers does DudaOne support?

DudaOne works best on the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer 9+ is also supported at launch time, and 11+ usually works in the editor.

Which languages does DudaOne support?

DudaOne supports multi-language pages so you can display your site in other languages. You can learn more about this feature here

What is a responsive site?

A responsive site is one that changes the way its content displays depending on the size of the device on which it's being viewed. Responsive sites tend to use media queries to ask the viewer's device its size and type, and change content depending on the result they get. They also tend to use variable image sizes and proportion-based element widths to ensure their content is displayed well wherever they're viewed.

What advantages does a responsive site offer?

Responsive sites allow their creators to customize content for each device size, and so tailor their visitor's experience based on the device from which the site is viewed.

Is DudaOne responsive design?

Yes. DudaOne uses responsive design techniques to present much of the same content differently based on the device on which it's being viewed. It also allows you to determine what content should show on which devices and how that content should be displayed.

How is DudaOne smarter than responsive design?

DudaOne not only allows you to change the way your content displays on each device, it also sends as little data as necessary to each device, so that smaller devices don't need to load (and then hide) content that you only want your visitors to see on a larger screen. It also pushes the envelope for responsive design, letting you customize content not only based on the device it's being viewed but in some cases based on the date or other variables of your choice!

FAQs for current DudaMobile customers

DudaOne is a new product to be offered in addition to DudaMobile, it is not replacing DudaMobile. Your existing sites built on DudaMobile will not be changed in any way.

Is there customer support for DudaOne?

Yes, DudaOne has the same high-quality support you expect from Duda.  Email us at support@dudamobile.com


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