Device Specific Edits

This article refers to a previous version of the Duda Responsive Website Builder. Click here for help content on the current Duda editor.


While editing your DudaOne site, edits you make to one device will appear on all devices at once. This is because your DudaOne site is one site that works on all screens. Duda realized that there are some changes that don't make sense to affect all screen sizes. For example, when you add margin to an element on the desktop view, it might not make sense to apply that same margin to the mobile view. Thus, there are certain edits or style changes that do not apply all devices. This article serves to demonstrate the changes that are device specific. 

Swapping editing modes

To swap editing modes, just click the device icons at the very top of your editor.


The Navigation is the most prominent area of the editor in which changes to one of the device views will not be reflected on the other device views.

Here is a quick table outlining device specific versus global navigation edits:

Device Specific Navigation Edits Changing any of the navigation colors Changing the Navigation layout Setting the number of visible navigation items
Global Navigation Edits Order the navigation is displayed in Hiding a page on all devices Setting Animated Navigation to On/Off

Desktop and Tablet versus Mobile

While editing elements, there are certain changes that will not be applied to all device's. Below is a list of changes which would not be reflected on the mobile view if the change was made to the desktop or tablet site:

Also, desktop and tablet share all changes during editing the site. If you want to change a certain style only on desktop without affecting tablet (and vice versa), see the "Hide on device" section below.

Header Logo or Title

The header logo or title can be customized by device, per your choosing. While editing the tablet or mobile views, there is an option to enable or disable the ability to customize the title by device.

Element Specific Changes

There are certain elements that either have the option to work differently on different devices, or will automatically change functionally depending on the visitor. 

  • The 'Map' element has device specific options for when it will show as a button or a map
  • Contact forms will always appear one input per line on mobile 
  • The vCita online scheduling element has an option to only show a button, on the device of your choosing. 

Rows & General Changes By Using Hide-on-device

Almost everything else in the editor, with the exception of the header and footer, can be edited on a per-device basis by making the content specific to that device. To do so:

  1. Copy the content that you would like to be device-specific (Left-click the content, press 'copy', then click again and press 'paste').
  2. Left-click on one of the copies of this content and select 'hide on device', then select the device you want to change this content on
  3. Click on the original content and select 'hide on device', then hide the content on the device(s) you don't want to change this content on
  4. If you want the content to be different on all three devices, you can copy it twice (so you have a total of three copies of the same content) and have each piece display on only one device.

Once you've followed these steps, you now essentially have two (or three) identical but different pieces of content, each of which shows on different devices. Any changes you make to this content going forward will affect only the device it's set to show on.


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