Duda's Old Editor is Closing!

Duda's New Editor

Last year, Duda released a new and improved responsive website builder. The new editor, filled with more features and improved capabilities, is designed so that you can work faster, be more productive, and build better websites for your customers. Now, the time has come to say goodbye to the old Duda responsive editor. At the end of August, the old editor will be closed permanently. See below for more details about switching you and your customers to the new editor. 

How do I know if I am using the old editor?

You can tell whether you're using the old or new editor by using the image below. The old editor is indicated on the left and uses the DudaOne logo while our new editor is indicated on the right and uses the Duda logo.


Why isn’t Duda keeping the old editor?

We want to focus on a single platform so that we can provide the best possible experience for everyone using Duda. Keeping the old editor open required technological resources and support. By closing it, we can invest all of our resources in supporting a single editor, built with great new technology, and develop more features to make your life easier and your sites more beautiful.

All of Duda’s latest improvements (i.e., the Image Picker, Widget Builder, Sections, new Headers and Navigation options, etc.) are available exclusively in the new editor. There is no reason to leave the old editor running if it doesn’t support all the great capabilities we are developing here at Duda.

When will the old Duda responsive editor close permanently?

The old responsive editor will be closed at the end of August 2017 and all Duda websites will be in the new editor. We’re closing the old editor to enable you to work on a platform that’s faster, more productive, and filled with more features and capabilities, and to avoid the confusion that comes with having a ‘new’ and ‘old’ editor running at the same time. Also, having a single editor enables us to invest all of our resources in one platform, and ensure the very best experience for everyone using Duda.

How do I shift my customers’ sites to the new editor?

Navigate to the Custom Branding section in your Dashboard, under the DudaPro tab.


Select the option to switch all your customers to the new editor.


We suggest that you communicate this change to your customers and staff right away so that they know what to expect the next time they edit a site.

Which features are not part of the new editor?

The new editor does not include the following features:

  • Add pages from URL: Adoption of this feature was very low. Instead, you can use the Pull Content option via the Paragraph Text Context Menu and/or import content via the Content Library.
  • Customize widget title backgrounds: The best practice, in this case, is to hide the widget title and add a Small Title or Large Title widget. You can then define the background for this widget through the widget’s Design Editor.
  • Push Notifications: Adoption of this feature was very low, and its benefits were limited to a select number of users (Android & Chrome). Note: If you have Push Notifications set in any of your websites, please remove them as you won’t be able to send them to your customers anymore. This only applies to Push Notifications on responsive sites, not mobile only sites.
  • Facebook Album widget: Adoption of this feature was very low and it had limited capabilities. If you have this widget on a site, it will continue working but cannot be edited. In the future, we plan to add Facebook Album images to the Image Gallery; in the meantime, you can import Facebook Images to the Image Picker. Also, you can build a Facebook album widget of your own using the Widget Builder.
  • Per slide editing in the Image Slider widget: This ability is not consistent with the rest of the editor, and often resulted in a poor user experience.
  • Switching templates: We have developed several alternatives to this, including the following:
    • Brand new Sections, which are pre-designed rows that contain collections of widgets and can be added quickly to your site. Sections are a bit like mini-templates and are an excellent way of rejuvenating your websites.   
    • Improved navigation and header flexibility, which will continue to be developed over the next few months, and will include better mobile headers and more desktop layouts.
    • More Global Design options, including global row, global coloring for text and buttons, page backgrounds per device, and more.
  • Color Palette: Instead, you’ll find the Global Design panel, which is a better solution for choosing colors for global text, buttons, images, rows and backgrounds.

Do I need to backup sites that I built in the old editor?

No, not at all. All Duda websites work even better in the new editor and have ever since its first day of operation. The only exceptions to this are the minor features described above.

Does this change affect the Duda mobile-only website builder?

No, this change doesn’t affect the mobile-only website builder at all.


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team at support@dudamobile.com.


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